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Welcome to Mrs. Flynt's Vocab Wiki!


What's a wiki? I'm glad you asked. A wiki is an online document, a webpage, that you can edit right inside your web browser. What does that mean? It means that these webpages are shared by everyone in our classroom. It means that each of you has the privilege and responsibility of building and adding to this website. You control what it looks like, what info is included, etc. You can edit any of the pages in our website. Just make sure that you don't drastically change someone else's work (other than basic spelling/grammar/fact-checking) without asking them first! And always, ALWAYS be sure to give yourself credit for your work (first name, last initial, and class period).


Latin and Greek Root Words


Rocketry Unit (6th/7th/8th Grade)

Rockets, Force and Motion Vocabulary

Rocketry and Human Flight Vocabualry


Mars Unit (6th/7th Grade)

Mars Areology Vocabualry

Missions to Mars: Past, Current and Future

MER Questions

  • Research these questions and earn some extra credit!


Matter and Chemistry Unit (8th Grade Only)

Matter Vocabulary

Development of Atomic Theory Vocabulary

Periodic Table and Basic Chemistry Vocabulary


NEW: Solar System and Space Unit (all classes)

Orbits, Phases, and Laws of Celestial Motion

History of Astronomy

The Sun, Other Stars, and Stellar Life Cycle

Our Solar System, From Planets to the Heliopause



Learn more about the Phoenix Mission and the Martian satellites helping to relay comunications on the student-created Missions to Mars pages here on this wiki!




Wiki Rubrics

Check out the rubrics below to review your own pages and ensure your work will "make the grade!"


Vocab Wiki Rubric.doc



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